IGF Treatment

Hair loss is a problem for both women and men. Many factors such as stress, dietary habits, environmental factors and genetics play a role in hair loss. It is possible for a person with very healthy hair to suddenly lose their hair for genetic reasons. These and similar problems can now be easily eliminated with the latest technological developments.

One of the most effective methods that have been developed is IGF treatment. Growth factor, also known as IGF-1, provides an effective serum that slows, delays or stops hair loss. This serum is included of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. IGF is administered by injection into the hair follicles.



How is IGF administered? How does it work?

In IGF treatment, a substance that delivers a growth factor is applied to the scalp. The IGF injected directly into the hair follicles stops hair loss. The main purpose of IGF-1 factor is to increase blood circulation in the hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth. IGF is especially recommended for patients who have undergone hair transplantation, as it has a thickening and shining effect. If you perform both treatments, the success rate of the transplant increases significantly.

Treatment Summary

What are the effects of IGF?

• It improves the blood circulation in the scalp.
• It moisturizes the hair.
• It makes the hair shinier and livelier.
• It ensures the hair growth and thickness.

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