What is a beard transplant?

Beard transplantation is an increasingly popular form of cosmetic procedure with new developments. It is usually chosen by men whose beards are thinning or not growing.

Beard transplantation is no different from hair transplantation. After making the micro incisions, the hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted into the recipient area. The patient and the doctor must decide together how a beard should look like before the operation. The angle is also important.

The most important criterion for the success of beard transplantation is achieving a natural look. Once the design of the beard is complete, the process begins. For the beard transplantation, the FUE technique is used. The natural look is possible only with good planning before the operation and a procedure performed by specialists.

Beard hair grows at different angles in different parts of the face. For example, the angle of implantation on the cheek is different than on the chin.

The most important factor for the success of beard transplantation is the skills and experience of the surgeon and medical team.


Treatment Summary

The process of beard transplantation

Extraction (collection) of the grafts from the donor area.
Micro-incisions (Canalization)

Implantation of the grafts into the canals.

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