Factors to consider before hair transplantation

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Hair transplantation is a serious operation that must be performed by specialists. Nowadays, concern about appearance is very common. That’s why people pay so much attention to hair care and hair health. Hair transplantation, one of the most important aesthetic procedures today, should not be treated only as an aesthetic activity. In order for the process to go smoothly, the staff must be specialized and the clinic must meet all Ministry of Health standards. Even if the techniques are advanced, the procedure must be performed by specialists and in hair transplant clinics with a proven track record in both health and aesthetics, in centers where interventions are personalized and sterilization conditions are appropriate. One of the factors that should be considered by those considering hair transplantation is the environment in which the procedure will be performed. Beware of “low-cost” clinics.

Before having a hair transplant in Turkey, you should have a minimum of knowledge about the possibilities and get information about the procedure. You can get false information from friends, family and social networks. That’s why it’s very important to get expert advice about hair transplantation. Don’t forget that many factors can affect the result, such as hair quality, stage of baldness, density of the donor area, age, eating habits, alcohol and smoking. First, your doctor must determine the amount of grafts you need to get an accurate result. This assessment must be done correctly and explained to the patient in a way that is easy to understand. At Base Médicale, a hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, the doctor will give you your exact assessment through one of our medical consultants.