Regrowth process after hair transplantation

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Graft regrowth:

Graft regrowth takes an average of 1 year and a final result is obtained after one year. The following timeline will help you understand how the grafts grow back.

1 to 6 days after surgery:

For a few days after the surgery, you may notice some swelling in and around the areas where the grafts were placed. This usually begins on day 2 and ends on day 6.

7-10 days after surgery:

The scabs begin to soften, and in most cases, you may notice cracks (like fissures) in the grafted area. By the tenth day, the scabs will have disappeared.

1 to 3 months after surgery:

Growth begins, accompanied by itching. Pimples may appear on the treated areas. Most, if not all, of the implanted hair will fall out. This is normal and the hair will begin to grow back more or less 3 months after the surgery.

6 months after the surgery:

The fastest period of regrowth is from 3 to 6 months after surgery. By the 6th month after surgery, you’ll have reached 50% of the final result.

8-10 months after surgery:

Between the 8th and 10th month, you will see a visible change in density and thickness. The appearance is much more aesthetic and some people have already achieved the final result.

1 year after surgery:

You have reached the end of your re-growth evolution. The maximum density of the implant has been reached.

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