Why is hair transplantation in Turkey the best?

Turkey’s medical and healthcare sector is developing day by day and has become one of the world’s leading medical centers. Due to Turkey’s geographical location, many patients from European countries and all over the world travel to Turkey for hair transplantation in Istanbul. However, Turkey’s geographical location is not the only reason for this interest. The 500,000 patients who come to Turkey for treatment every year leave the country satisfied and happy. Turkey has become one of the most important countries for medical tourism thanks to the correct use of developing technologies, an effective selection of hair transplantation methods adapted to each hair type and a competitive pricing policy.


Reasonable pricing policy


Hair transplantation in Turkey is performed according to world standards. But in terms of price, it is in a much more attractive position than other countries. Turkey’s availability of treatment costs and quality of service help people considering hair transplantation to come to our country. Turkey has the largest number of Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited health care facilities after the USA. The fact that Turkey’s healthcare sector is equipped with international standards attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign patients.


International service experience


Traveling abroad for hair transplantation is a difficult decision. In this decision-making process, patients usually want to see before and after photos and exchange ideas with the doctor. Medical consultants in Turkey make this process very easy. The medical consultants inform the patients on all points and follow them closely from the first to the last day, do detailed research for the patients’ comfort and find the most suitable treatment for them by taking over the entire organization of the stay necessary for a hair transplant in Turkey or any other treatment.

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